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1. How can you tell if you're overwatering your potted plants?

The plant wits,but the soil feels moist. Water only when the soil feels dry

2. How deep should you plant tulip bulbs?

6-8 inches and other large bulbs

3.What's the best time of day to water your lawn?

Early morning

4.The ideal time to pull weeds is

After it rains. Roots are much easier to wriggle out of soil that's damp and soft.

5. Which type of plant returns years after year?


6. To prevent crabgrass from taking over your lawn. What the best time to kill it.

Early spring. The best crabgrass prevention is to keep your lawn well-watered, fertilized, and regularly mowed to a height of 2 -21/2 inches.

7. Which tow bugs are bad for your garden?

Ants and Aphids

8. Which two burgs are good for your garden?

Ladybugs and Dragonflies.

9. Plants that likes "full sun" should get a minimum of how may bright hours a day?

At least 6 hours a day.

10. Have Spider mites. What the best way to that care of them?

To kill mites, keep plant well-watered, and if you see the bugs, hose down the leaves to dislodge them. If they still hang around, spray leaves with rosemary oil or insecticidal soap.

11.What plants keep bugs away?

Petunias, Nasturtiums, Basil.

12. Easiest plants to grow?

Sunflowers, Dayliles, Geraniums

13. The hardest plants to grow?

Bachelor's buttons

Oriental poppies


Even cute animals can wreak havoc on a backyard send them packing with theses tips. 









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Source Money Magazine June 2014
Double click here to add text.What out door feature would you most like for your home
28% A DECK
30% A POOL 
$598 billion Total projected home improvement for 2014.

63% Architects who worked on more outdoor living areas for 2013.

83% Homebuyers who say they'd like a house with a patio.

33% Buyers who want an outdoor kitchen.

$9,539 Average price of a wood-deck last year

$33.560 Average cost of installing a basic in ground pool.

31% Real estate agents  who say a pool adds more 5% to a home's value.

sources Money Magazine, June 2014

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Double click here to add text.Are landscaping services subject to Sales Tax?

Answer ID 1001 | Published 04/25/2003 03:03 PM | Updated 01/23/2013 11:58 AM

Are landscaping services subject to Sales Tax? in PA
No. Landscaping services are not subject to Sales Tax. The following are considered to be landscaping and are nontaxable services: Seeding, sodding or grass plugging to establish a new lawn; Seeding, sodding or grass plugging in conjunction with building construction will be presumed to be a new lawn; trimming, pruning or fertilizing trees; planting or removing shrubbery or trees; providing lawn evaluation, consultation or soil testing services, if not purchased in conjunction with other lawn care services; designing lawns or landscapes; applying herbicides or fungicides to shrubbery, trees, flowers or vegetables; maintaining shrubbery, flower or vegetable beds, such as by mulching, tilling, weeding or fertilizing; separately stated charges for leaf raking. 

However, once the yard is established, the services you purchase to care for your lawn is subject to the Sales Tax. Lawn care services include: fertilizing lawns; mowing, trimming, cutting or edging lawns; dethatching; applying herbicides, insecticides or fungicides; raking grass on lawns; applying treatments for weed, pest, insect or disease control; watering; applying lime; aerating; overseeding, sodding or grass plugging of existing lawns; trimming or pruning shrubbery when performed in conjunction with other lawn care services.

Is snow removal subject to Sales Tax?

Answer ID 459 | Published 12/10/2002 11:03 AM | Updated 01/23/2013 11:58 AM

Is snow removal a service for which Sales Tax needs to be charged?
Snow removal is not subject to Sales Tax, unless it is for removal of snow from a roof and gutters, as that would qualify as taxable "Building Cleaning and Building Maintenance Services".

The charge for the salt would be taxable to the installer of the salt. Re-stated, whomever actually spreads the salt is the end consumer and pays the tax on the purchase of the salt. Snow removal businesses do not collect sales tax. They simply pay tax upon the acquisition of all supplies used.
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Selena's Landscape, Design & Tree Service, LLC

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Leading business media for landscape contractors.
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Joel M. Allen  with Charles V. Payne is a Fox Business Network contributor and host of Fox's Making Money with Charles Payne. 

 Show was Fox Business Invested in you.

 January 22 202 in New York
Allergy to Stinging Insects


Bee stings can hurt, but can also cause severe allergic reactions in a few people. Children who are allergic to the venom (poison) in bees and other insects should take steps to avoid being stung. When outside: For more information visit the wesite below.
Bee Sting
The Joro Spider, Venomous species from East Asia, to spread across the East Coast.
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November 18, 2022

Thank you so much for participating in the Philadelphia Military Academy at Elverson's Career Day! Your willingness to share your expertise made a big impact on our (cadets) students. We received much positive feedback after the event, as cadets shared with their peers, teachers, and administration their new, or newly reinforced, ideas about their educational and career pathways and goals.

We know that the hard work you do every day does not stop when you leave your job site, and we appreciate the extra hours you worked in order to commit to the career day. In the same way, you inspired our cadets, we hope their excitement to learn about your profession inspired you.

Thank you again for helping us stimulate our students on your professional pathway. We hope that you will join us again next year.

With deepest gratitude,

Kalomo Vanterpool, MEd 
Director of School Counseling 11th & 12th
Philadelphia Military Academy
Office: 215-400-7420 ext. 1270
Yours in partnership, Annie Blankemeyer

Annie Blankemeyer | Program Manager

Junior Achievement of Southeastern Pennsylvania 

Proudly serving Greater Philadelphia, Berks County, and the Lehigh Valley

O: 610.263.2425 | M: 215.498.8133 |
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Black-American Members by Congress

This table is based on information drawn from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Within each Congress, Representatives and Senators are listed in alphabetical order. click on the link below.
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Linette Trowery - President
Sanitize Central LLC.