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Oh, Deer!
You can spend $10,000 putting in a beautiful landscape only to come home and see the deer have eaten half or all of it. Especially in the winter, there's not much for the deer to eat, so they'll be doing anything they can to survive..

Plant damage is the biggest problem our clients have with respect to deer, so our company maintains a list of deer-resistant plant materials.

Most natives plants here in Penavailas are deer-resistant because they naturally grow here and the deer have been co-existing with them for may years.

Deer will not eat daffodils, for instance there are certain thing you can grow that the deer won't eat.

One other thing you can do to keep the deer out is to put-up a fence. Putting up a fence is one of the only ways to get 100 percent guarantee. The other way well we just wont talk about it here.

The Professional Deer Repellent

The Most Effective, long-lasting warm weather Professional Deer Repellent

With DeerPro™ Spring & Summer, you will enjoy their gardens, without having to reapply deer repellent after every rain storm.

DeerPro™ Repellent for Spring & Summer provides long-lasting professional strength protection for the growing season.

DeerPro Spring & Summer is specially designed for the commercial applicator. Unlike most deer repellents, DeerPro is EPA approved. It is an egg-based deterrent spray designed for long-lasting, low-smell protection. Each application provides four to six weeks of protection that is not degraded by rain or irrigation and delivers what others only promise: Reliable, long-lasting, professional strength protection.

No offensive smell.Picture of Hostas with and without Deer Damage
DeerPro Spring & Summer gives a lightly discernable odor, yet protects treated plants as well as the new growth, while not being offensive to the homeowner.

Easy to use. Will not clog sprayer.
Unlike other repellents, DeerPro for Spring & Summer will not clog sprayers. It can be applied using a backpack or low pressure tank sprayer. DeerPro Spring & Summer is sold as a concentrate. The applicator simply adds water. DeerPro is EPA approved and is safe for both the applicator and the environment.

Invisible protection means gardens look great.
DeerPro Spring & Summer's advanced sticking agent dries clear. It not only protects plants from deer, it helps to hold moisture in the plant, reducing the need for water, and increasing drought resistance during the hot summer months.

Deer HATE it...You'll LOVE it!

"I tried the summer formula of Deer Pro and IT DOES WORK! I treated three locations that were monitored for deer activity by the homeowners. All reported amazing results."

Treatment date 6/28/10 follow-up date 8/4 (five weeks later; periods of heavy rainfall occurred during this time also).

Location 1: Had four potted plants; I treated three. The deer ate the untreated plant. (This was the customer's 3rd planting this year in the pots — all others eaten.)

Location 2: Spot treated several plants/shrubs on residential lot, mostly ones that were the hardest hit by deer. She has tried several products in the past, none worked. Property owner very skeptical; even stated she would eat her hat if the deer stopped eating a particular shrub that has not bloomed in many years. After five weeks property owner reports the possible need to "wash her hat" (although shrub has not bloomed, deer has not eaten); she has not seen many of her plants/flowers bloom in nearly ten years, until now.

Location 3: Spot treated several shrubs — areas remained uneaten for four weeks.

"No complaints of offensive smell — all were satisfied with results."

- Tracy, JLP Services, LLC Elkton MI

DeerPro is a professional strength repellent that can only be purchased and applied by licensed professionals. To view the label and more detailed information, Click here.

Tell your landscape professional that you want them to use DeerPro to protect your landscape.

Or, click here to find a professional DeerPro Applicator in your area.

Find an Applicator Near You!
Toll-Free DeerPro Line:
877-486-DEER (3337)
Trees with Deer Damage

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DeerPro is a professional strength repellent that can only be purchased and applied by licensed professionals.