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BackYard Radio Control Racing Track
Having a backyard RC track is a nice for friends and flimily fun.

 It need to hold 4 1/10 scale cars comfortably.

For the surface, a good quality clay is expensive but easier in the long run. 

Topsoil is less expensive and will work but requires much more maintenance.

We pack it down, wet a little and pack it down again.

You will need to hard pack the ground to help avoiding dust ups.

Before a race you can water it down prior to racing. This will also help to ensure a smooth landing area out of the jumps.

We used 4” Drainage pipe or corrugated pipe to use as lane dividers.

We used 12” Galvanized Spikes to hold the pipe in the ground. 

Drainage is a big thing; We will build your track so water will drain off of it. 

Straightaways should have a slight slant that encourages proper drainage away from the track, or at least off of the racing lines.

– You want to add dirt to the track, do not dig if at all possible. Digging could lead to potential drainage problems or flooding if you’re not careful.

We will mark out your track layout with paint or string and test drive it. 

We wount to make sure you are happy happy with the layout and we will make changes as necessary.

Jumps are an inexact science and for the most part it will be hit or miss unless you have a computer program to do all of the math. I don’t. Jumps are fun, but if they are not built properly they can lead to vehicle damage. Just remember trial and error and be patient.

– You can build temporary ones out of wood and try them out; this will give you an idea of the sweet spot for the type of jump you are trying to accomplish. When you are happy, you can remove the wood and fill it in with dirt to the same degree and size as the wooden jump.

– Lots of pictures and measurements will help with your final outcome.

– You can also experiment with some different types skate board and bike ramps. This will give you ideas as well.

– Try to have the length of the jump at least one and a half times the length of the biggest vehicle using the track. This will help ensure a smoother transition during takeoff.

– Wet down the jumps and compact them as you build them. You really want these to harden up.
Remote-controlled RC models from CARRERA

Experience pure driving fun with our remote-controlled vehicles, boats and helicopters and quadrocopters. No matter whether you are a beginner or advanced: In our range, you will find a wide selection of remote control models for every age group and every level of ability.
Please see our Online Store for Ording.
Please see our Online Store for Ording.
Please see our Online Store for Ording.
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